Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday, 22 August 2011

Ah, Ye Bonnie Braes!

Bonnie Braes or Bren Ryan? Or Steve Farthing's face when he removes his Eddie Yates mask? Answers on a postcard please!

So, Bonnie Braes...aka Mary Pow....aka Lily....aka bb1....aka The Tayport Twat....aka The Dundee Dickhole.  Oh, what the heck. Just call her "The C*nt". Everybody else does!

This undelightful festering orifice, whose fave perfume is "Eau de Billingsgate", hovers around the forums like a giant codfly. Inarticulate, uneducated, unbalanced, unemployed and unhygienic, she secretly loathes the ones she professes to support. One week she is anti, the next she's pro. "The C*nt" sets up posts, forums and threads under her many aliases, then sits back in sardonic glee while the fools who fall for her chlamydic repartee slug it out, handbags at twenty paces. She has already set up Steve Farthing--not a difficult job for the TAP crowd (and no, that's not Portugal's national airline--it stands for Thick As Pigshit)--and the boy-lover otherwise known as "Muratfan". In fact, there's a connection between "Muratfan" and our esteemed lady in that his mother has two c*nts, and he is both of them.  She's also turned "Rhodes" and "Honestbroker" into laughing stocks, but they don't know it yet, though come to think of it, most of the time they don't know who they are.
Oh, and did I forget to remind you that "The C*nt" has something of a split personality?
Check out her work--how she asks a question as "bb1", and then answers it as "Lily". Not very bright. Buys her incontinence pads from C & A so that she knows which way round to wear them.
And is she interested in finding Madeleine McCann? Not at all--for as long as the little girl remains missing, "The C*nt" and her group of harpies, "The Mingettes", have a purpose in life.
"Tina....the axe!"

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