Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gaynor Fiddler: A Nice Lady Who Suffers The Loonies' Cruelty

Gaynor Fiddler posts on the Loonies' site every now and then, but she is NOT a Loony. Far from it. A few days ago, Gaynor posted on the "Tribute To Kate McCann" site. I assumed Mrs McCann was running this page herself--the address and phone number are the same on the Official Loonies site, and the same as the one on the perverted, now defunct "Million Likes" site--they claimed as part of their reverse psychology. Now, the "administrator" declares that she is NOT Mrs McCann, therefore without reservation I can say that, whoever you are, you are one of the most puerile human beings I have ever come across.
I do not often take offence--people can say about me whatever they like so long as they can take it back, which is usually not the case. I take great offence, however, over the incident a few days ago (not the first time this has happened) when Gaynor happened to mention that she is not well. This lady is very poorly, yet her comments concerning just how ill she was were whooshed by the heartless "administrator" with the rebuff, "We only like to read nice comments here."
For God's sake, you heartless piece of dirt. You are for ever rattling on about how Kate McCann has suffered, the pain she has gone through, the anguish she still endures, and I make no comment about this either way because mine is NOT to accuse. But YOU, you vile hypocrite--how can you claim to have a soul and do this to a poorly lady. You should hang your head in shame. And just remember--what goes around comes around.
Gaynor--please get well soon. You are one of the rare nice ones.

None of that suprises me at all it just shows the length mcann supporters will go to to shut people up and that is what true pitchforking is and they need to take a good look at themselves!!! .

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