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The LIfe of a internet stalker

On Sat Dec 01, 2007 6:47 pm, bonnybraes1 said:
I felt since the beginning of May that Madeleine McCann was, sadly, dead, almost certainly at the hands of her parents. I only hope that whatever happened was an an accident, though I sometimes have doubts about that…
On Sat Dec 01, 2007 9:25 pm, bonnybraes1 said:
… The McCanns are just as bad as poor little Riley’s mother, or the Scottish mother who stuffed her dead daughter in a suitcase and threw her in a canal after her boyfriend murdered the wee girl. Personally, I hope all these child murderers rot in jail and burn in Hell. Sorry for rant, the McCanns just make me so upset and angry.
On Fri Nov 30, 2007 7:59 pm, bonnybraes1 said:
Tell us what you’ve done with her, you worthless, lying b*******!
On Fri Nov 30, 2007 11:09 am, bonnybraes1 said:
I’m sure Mrs Healy knows a fair bit of the truth, even if she can’t face it. She might be telling herself she’s keeping quiet for the sake of the twins and the rest of the family.
On Thu Nov 29, 2007 3:50 pm, bonnybraes1 said:
Have I got this right? Team McC are trying to gain some control over unfolding events and the police are refusing to play? And if the McCanns have been told beyond any doubt, been made to understand the evidence that their daughter is dead, then does it not then follow that any “Find Madeleine” related financial activity must be a deliberate fraud?
On Wed Dec 26, 2007 4:51 pm, bonnybraes1 said:
I am sure that family members have, at the least, an inkling that the McCanns are lying. Personally, if I even suspected that a member of my family was responsible for the death of a child, I would not hesitate to escort them to the police station. I do get the impression that the McCanns and Healys are bothered about their working class background, and seem to enjoy the whole celeb culture. Their extended families may well regard Kate’n'Gerry as the couple who “made it” and if the Golden Couple go down, the whole gang will go with them.
The whole McClan do have, to use an excellent Scottish phrase, an air of “fur coats and nae knickers” about them.
On Wed Dec 19, 2007 2:34 pm, bonnybraes1 said:
The crime is hienous, but the McCanns are not innocent. Whether they are directly responsible for their daughter’s fate – as I believe – or indirectly, because of their selfish negligence, there is only one victim in this case. Her name is Madeleine McCann, but I don’t see any spin doctors or PR men speaking up for her.
I have pages and pages of this stuff and more besides – for example, MsMarbles and bonnybraes1, 3A moderators conspiring behind the scenes in the now-notorious Skype box to infiltrate Majic’s forum via proxy servers, using false names and e-mail accounts opened in false names to determine how much of a ‘threat’ Majic posed to the 3A forum. Jaw-dropping, grotesquely paranoid stuff, some of it, but I’ll leave it at that for now. I publish this lest we forget, bonnybraes – lest we forget who you really are.

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 Ice_Maiden Yesterday at 8:09 pm

soulthief wrote:No husband or family then? BB not you
I don’t know if she’s married but she has referred, very occasionally, to a ‘partner’. In younger days she did have children but they’ll be adults now, probably in their 30s. The cultural references which she makes, consistently point to her age being around 55, give or take just a very few years, so no younger than 50 and not older than 60.
Her life since 2007 appears to have consisted almost exclusively of sitting at her computer terminal on the various McCann websites, with the TV almost constantly tuned to Sky News in the background but occasionally switching to the History channel. She’s already announced her intention to watch Inside Out next week, and the only way to receive the programme in Scotland would be via Sky satellite service, so she likely subscribes to a Sky TV/broadband package.
She appears to rarely if ever leave the house, or indeed leave her computer, so participating in family life or taking holidays would not seem to be high on her list of priorities; even on Christmas day you’ll find her sitting on her forum. She’s a strange, hate-filled woman with a bleak, empty life.

 Ice_Maiden Today at 12:02 am

Oh gosh, oh dear, I seem to have upset bonnybraes1. My account of your life was just a little too accurate for comfort, was it bonnybraes? Well it’s only information which you have yourself placed into the public domain. And just for the record, I have no connection whatsoever with Ms Sluming; I’m vaguely aware of who she is but to the best of my knowledge I’ve never even spoken to the woman. So er, how about telling your forum the truth for a change if that isn’t too alien a concept, and the truth is that you don’t have a clue who I am. I’m the Ice Maiden, and beyond that, nobody in the extended community knows anything about me, least of all you, you clueless hate-filled muppet.
And to support Ice_Maiden’s contention of Bonnybraes being chained to her computer…
kangdang wrote:
My god what a sad life BB1 has.
BB1 time spent on JATYK ‘Houndation on telly thread’
15 nov 21.32 – 1.13
4 hours in one evening!!!!!

16 nov 9.19 – 11.31
16 nov 13.04 – 23.56

13 hours in one day!!!!!

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