Wednesday, August 31, 2011

BRENDA and co

are the lowest of the low and bren makes me sick with her hypocrite ways as for muratfan what does he fucking think he is the internet police get a life!!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

is bonny a old maid?

she sits on her computer 24/7 she must be a very lonley bitter person probably sent off to boarding school at a young age and bitter at her parents how sad that her parents neglecetd her so much to make her how she is today but that is the english way isnt it?

bren ryan does a bonny

With that stupid popcorn picture no one cares elss what brenda whines about talk about a middle aged housewive maybe empty nest sydrome or midlife crisis whichever it is her posts which make her such a damn hypocrite are as annoying as hell Im convinced she never cared about little maddie mcann it was for her own ego< and attention like many over the years have said ./b>

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hypocrite is bren

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Will they ever learn?

Posted on: 08-23-2011 by: Bren

About reading and comprehension.

It amazes me, how grown adults can’t do simple mathematics and still make 2 plus 2 equal 5. Whether it is because they are blinded by their hate of the McCann’s or whether it is their sheer stupidity is yet to be determined.

They tweet, like mad, fingers engaging before brains and then wonder why I and others sit back, take the piss out of them and laugh our heads off when they get things so wrong.

First we have this tweet

@bischofield @Bishop_Basher She started 3A’s a couple of months before, IIRC, her Ian West + another + Bennett also did Bar Arguido IIRC !
August 23, 2011 12:44 am via webReplyRetweetFavorite

No you twazzock, Ian West and someone else arrived on Bar Arguido after me, Janz and a couple of others left and after I started the 3A’s. Bennett was just a member and nothing more. If you had paid attention it was because of Bennett that we were banned from Bar Arguido.

@bischofield @Bishop_Basher Was Bren Ryan working for the #media in 2007 / 2008 ? #McCann #scam ? She claimed to be a former #police worker
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Nope wrong, never worked for the media in any capacity, in fact in the years you are referring to I was just the plain bog-standard housewife. And I did work for the Police, not as a cleaner as some think but as part of the administration team in the Crime department.

@veniviedivici Any thoughts on B RYAN conversion from very anti 3As to very pro? I can’t understand it, no evidence changed.
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Brenda Schofield

Perhaps if you came and asked me, you will get the truth and not the version that Laffin thinks happened. Nope, not Carter Rucked, just read the files properly without selective reading (ie only reading the parts that suit one agenda).

Mind you there has been many times that I have felt sick to the stomach at some of the comments and abuse that the likes of Laffin and his lapdogs issue, not just to the McCanns but to anyone that didn’t agree with his every word and I even felt like that was before I read the files properly.

If people had bothered to read, you will see that there is no love lost between us (JJP and myself) and Laffin and there have been many confrontations on both other forums and twitter where Laffin has attacked either myself or JJP or both of us. It is only recently that Laffin threatened to post personal information that I know is not in the public domain.

@jjp_uk did you turn pro at the exact same time as @brenr1958? Did you both share a vision? #mccann #mccanns #carterruck #bribery #corrupt
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Think if you had bothered to read JJP’s posts on various forums, I think you will have found he has always played devils advocate. He has always stated he doesn’t know if the McCanns are involved or not and all he wants to know is what happened to a missing child. And not once have I seen JJP condone the nastiness aimed at the McCann family, I can remember him actually taking a stance that it is uncalled for and unnecessary and does not find out what happened to Madeleine.

well lookie here the return of @jjp_uk , you do surprise me John or has using the @rothlypillow account got to hot? #mccann
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Ze Mole

If you paid more attention, you would see there is a pattern between Rothley Pillow and at least 2 other accounts on Twitter (both Anti). You only have to look at the subjects and the amount of retweets to work out that they are connected. Just a few hours watching which accounts posts when, where from, and what about will tell you an awful lot. And I can assure you Rothley Pillow is NOT JJP, or myself.

And talking of Rothley Pillow

@BrenR1958 WHO is #blackmailing you? Bad enough that you betray ur friends & yourself BUT MOST OF ALL YOU ARE BETRAYING MADELEINE #mccann
August 19, 2011 2:54 pm via webReplyRetweetFavorite
Rothley Pillowcase

Not being blackmailed either, oh damn another conspiracy theory shot down in flames. And whilst on the subject of friends, well in my book true friends don’t act like arseholes because you don’t agree with them or hold the same opinion as them on a particular subject.

So no I don’t think I have let my friends down, because if they have disassociated with me because my opinion has changed, it just goes to show how shallow they were in the first place and how better off I am for not having to speak to them.

Just one more thing, why the concern for my so-called friends, don’t think I was a friend of yours or was I?

Conclusion – Don’t believe what you read on twitter, my god they can’t even get the facts in the McCann case right, you don’t expect them to get anything else right do you?

If you want the truth, ask the Engineer never the old rag…

I dont believe she is a pro by any means i think she was told to shut up by certian people and im not alone in thinking that it is sad when you cant have your own thoughts anymore . Thank goodness im not from the uk.
Gaynor Fiddler: A Nice Lady Who Suffers The Loonies' Cruelty

Gaynor Fiddler posts on the Loonies' site every now and then, but she is NOT a Loony. Far from it. A few days ago, Gaynor posted on the "Tribute To Kate McCann" site. I assumed Mrs McCann was running this page herself--the address and phone number are the same on the Official Loonies site, and the same as the one on the perverted, now defunct "Million Likes" site--they claimed as part of their reverse psychology. Now, the "administrator" declares that she is NOT Mrs McCann, therefore without reservation I can say that, whoever you are, you are one of the most puerile human beings I have ever come across.
I do not often take offence--people can say about me whatever they like so long as they can take it back, which is usually not the case. I take great offence, however, over the incident a few days ago (not the first time this has happened) when Gaynor happened to mention that she is not well. This lady is very poorly, yet her comments concerning just how ill she was were whooshed by the heartless "administrator" with the rebuff, "We only like to read nice comments here."
For God's sake, you heartless piece of dirt. You are for ever rattling on about how Kate McCann has suffered, the pain she has gone through, the anguish she still endures, and I make no comment about this either way because mine is NOT to accuse. But YOU, you vile hypocrite--how can you claim to have a soul and do this to a poorly lady. You should hang your head in shame. And just remember--what goes around comes around.
Gaynor--please get well soon. You are one of the rare nice ones.

None of that suprises me at all it just shows the length mcann supporters will go to to shut people up and that is what true pitchforking is and they need to take a good look at themselves!!! .